The Great Paper Caper Culprits!

​​​​​​After reading The Great Paper Caper, we innovated the story by creating our own culprit. We used our correct pencil grip and pre-writing shapes to draw our characters and then retell the story. Our use of story language and super vocabulary is amazing!

Once upon a time             destroyed        chopped

We can hold a pencil correctly.

In Spring One, we will be focusing on our pencil grip ensuring that we hold our pencils effectively to control the pencil to make all of pre-writing shapes. We will also be using our shapes and imaginations to create and retell our own stories by tweaking our story maps.

We can use a dominant hand to draw.

In Autumn Two, we will continue to work on our pre-writing shapes making more shapes with increasing control. We will be drawing and talking about about a range of 'Lost and Found' books including Dogger, Where's My Teddy and Stickman. Who is in the story? Where are the characters?

Pre-writing shapes to draw who.

This half term, we have been learning how to use different pre-writing shapes to draw pictures of the characters in our stories.

We have drawn Spot the Dog, Maisie the Mouse and Winnie the Witch. Some of us are even adding more detail like wiggly lines for Winnie's wavy hair. We are confidently telling Miss Le Moigne who is in our story too!

Our learning this week

This week, we used marks and pre-writing shapes to draw and label a picture of us at school. We gave meaning to our marks and tried to write our name. 

"My happy face."                                "That's my name."                                 "Circle face."