Our class book this half term is 'Outlaw'. This book will tell us the story of Robin Hood, but from the perspective of Michael Morpurgo. 


In our Reading lessons, we will dive into other Robin Hood tales, including 'The Golden Arrow'. In these lessons, we will develop reading skills which allow us to retrieve information, make inferences and learn new vocabulary. 




As part of our Writing lessons, we will draw on our knowledge learnt when exploring the Robin Hood text, to write our own setting and character description, retell part of the story and also write a newspaper article. In order to do this, we will be developing the following writing skills: 


  • Securing knowledge of how to use different sentence types (complex and compound)
  • Developing our vocabulary banks and creating our own word mats
  • Developing our use of expanded noun phrases
  • Including some figurative language
  • Proof reading and editing our work for errors