Admission Arrangements


The Determined Admission Arrangements for all Walsall Community and Voluntary Controlled Primary Schools for 2018/19 and the scheme for coordinated admissions have now been published.  Both documents are available on the Walsall Council website using the link below and in hard copy on request from the Admissions and Pupil Place Planning Team 01922 652585.


The Governors of Christ Church CE Primary School have adhered to this.

a) Having a brother or sister already in attendance at the school.

b) Relevant medical and/or social factors confirmed by a medical practitioner or social


c) In the case of voluntary controlled Church of England schools

  • Church membership – 25% of places may be kept for church membership.
  • Desire for a place because of the religious nature of the school.

d) Proximity of home address to the school as the crow flies.



The school holds a waiting list which is reported weekly to the Local Authority, names should be re-entered to the list at the beginning of each school term.

Reception Admissions Letter September 2022