Spring 2



This half term, we have been learning all of the colours in Spanish. The song for this topic included our numbers to 10, so we’ve had extra practice with those!

Colores y numeros

Spring 1


Numbers 0-10


We began the topic by learning our new songs (see below) and focusing on the pronunciation of numbers 0-5. 


We then applied this new knowledge to Spanish euros and acted as shop keepers and shoppers, asking ‘how much’ and giving change. 

Los Numeros

Los Numeros - Faster Challenge

Autumn 2




This half term, we have been learning how to pronounce each letter in Spanish. This will help us to spell out our names in Spanish as part of being able to give our name and ask what someone else’s is.

Spanish Alphabet Song

Spanish Alphabet Song

Autumn 1




We have spent this half-term learning Spanish greetings, so that we can now say/ask:

-Hello - Hola

-Good morning - Buenos días

-Good afternoon - Buenas tardes

-Good night - Buenas noches

-Goodbye - Adios

-How are you? - ¿Cómo estás?

-I am very well, thank you. - Estoy muy bien, gracias.

-And you? - ¿Y tu?

Spanish Song For Children - "Hola Hola" (Song Only)

¡Buenos días! Song to learn Spanish greetings and daily routines