At Christ Church, we teach reading through RWI. In Nursery, this starts later on in the year. Before the formal Phonics teaching begins, we develop our listening skills, develop our communication skills and strengthen our fine motor skills to ensure that we are ready to hear, say and write sounds.


Developing a love of reading allows children to explore different worlds, experiences and a range of vocabulary. Repeating stories is great to allow children to learn and join in with repeated phrases and even recognising rhyming words and filling in the gaps. 


Story time happens every day in school where we read books with a range of voices and actions to immerse the children in the adventure. We also talk about the story asking questions to help support the children's understanding. What can you see in the pictures? Who was walking through the deep, dark wood? Who was hiding in the cave?


Please join in with our 1000 Stories Challenge to develop your child's love of reading too!

Syllables- Can you hear the syllables? Can you move to the syllables?

Rhyming- Can you add the third word to the rhyming string?

World Book Day

For World Book Day, we explored three different stories. 

Spinderella the spider. 

In our classroom, Spinderella had trapped story characters in her web. We used tweezers to rescue them. 

Pirates Love Underpants

We made our own pirate hats and collaged our own underpants!


We used loose parts to create a Stickman portrait.


We ended our day listening to a special World Book Day story read by Sir Lenny Henry.


The Great Paper Caper

On Monday 6th February, we went into the forest for Muddy Monday to find that someone had been cutting down our trees. We used our predictions skills drawing on previous stories we had read as well as the clues we found to make our predictions. 

On returning to the classroom, our story of the week appeared. It was The Great Paper Caper and we found out that the bear was the culprit.

In our Draw and Talk session, we created our own culprit for the story and retold the story with our own character. We had lots of creative ideas including the Big Bad Unicorn and the Sneaky Fox!



Enjoying reading and storytelling together

Spring One

Key Texts

Let's Build a House

The Three Little Pigs

Somebody swallowed Stanley


These stories focus on materials. We will look at instructions of how to build a house and signs in different environments such as construction sites and maps. This will help us with our pre-reading skills of listening and understanding and recognising that print has different meanings and purposes. 

Somebody Swallowed Stanley

Where's My Teddy?

This story linked to our learning about toys but also our Maths work looking at comparing size using the words big and small.


Dogger written and illustrated by Shirley Hughes.

Can you remember a time that you had lost one of your toys?

Winnie's Amazing Pumpkin

Here is the story Miss Le Moigne chose to follow our interest of exploring the pumpkins in our Autumn Treasure Tray. We have talked about who, drawn Winnie using our pre-writing shapes and loved to join in by waving our magic wands and shouting Abracadabra!

Maisy Goes to Nursery

Here is our story for weeks 3 and 4.
Can your child tell you who is in the story?

Our story of the week

Spot Goes to School.
We have listened carefully to the story and identified the characters together.
Can you tell your grown up who each character is?