English 2021-22

The Dragon Slayer


Last year, we explored The Dragon Slayer. We focused on characterisation and emotions. 


You can listen to the story by clicking the link below. 

Here comes Traction Man!

Here comes Traction Man in his green knitted romper suit!  We set him some adventures to complete, so take a look at how he did!

Traction Man had some wild adventures at Christ Church.

Our Traction Man Stories

We chose our favourite scenes from the book and re-told the story in the style of the author.

Bessie Coleman


We learned about Bessie Coleman. She was the first black, female American pilot. We researched facts and then wrote a biography about her life. 

We were so inspired by Bessie Coleman's determination to achieve her dream that we adopted her quotes as our Rainbow motto. 




Fly High! Be Somebody!



Take a look at our Bessie Coleman work.