Each morning, we begin with a check-in. We think about our emotions at the start of the day and show this on our check-in ribbons. We check in at various times throughout the morning and amend our ribbons to reflect our current feeling. 


As part of the individual learning plans, some pupils have 1:1 check in sessions focusing on emotions and well-being too. 


We use a range of calming techniques in our sessions when needed such as sensory boxes, breathing stars, 5 finger breathing, calming music and hand massage. 

Visual timetables are really important to us as they help us to see what is happening 'Now' and 'Next'. They are displayed in our classrooms and our teachers talk to us about the events of the day. Some children even have their own personalised timetables too.

In our group, we have created a set of rules that we display so that everyone can see them. We thought about our Christ Church rules and then thought of other rules that would help to keep our learning environment positive. To show that everyone agrees with the rules, we have all signed them...even the adults!

We love receiving lots of praise for our hard work, so we enjoy collecting Rainbow Smiles. Every time we complete some great work, follow the rules or meet one of our I.E.P targets, then we can earn lots of Smiles. Whoever has collected the most will choose a reward from Mrs Till's prize box.