The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch


When we listened to 'The Lighthouse Keepers' lunch, we were shocked at how Mrs Grinling knew how to know so much food. 

We decided to look at some recipe books to see how she learned to cook. 


After looking at the books we decided to write our own instructions.


We started by learning the features of instructions and found out that they have:

  • A 'How to title'
  • A 'You will need' list. 
  • A list of instructions that have 'when' words and numbers. 


We made mustard sandwiches and discovered they did not taste very nice at all. Instead, we planned what we would like to put on some sandwiches and wrote our own instructions. 


These are the Colourful Semantic blocks we used: 


adjective noun


E.G sticky, strawberry jam


when who what doing what/where


E.G First, you spread the butter onto the soft bread