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Here is a link to a lovely version of the Easter Story. Hope you all enjoy it.

Why not try some of the attached Easter crafts during the holiday. Have fun and I hope hope you all have a wonderful Easter x


Good Morning!

I hope you are all safe and well.

Today I have another story for you. As it's Bethany's birthday today we have a birthday theme! This one is about Kipper and a birthday that didn't quite go to plan.

Click on the link to enjoy the story then why not try some of the activities suggested (again click on the link below) - feel free to do as many as you want but remember you do not have to do them all.

Don't forget to add Kipper's Birthday to the 1000  story count.


Happy Birthday Bethany. Have a wonderful day!!


Have fun and stay safe

Mrs Smith

Kipper's Birthday Activities

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Hope you enjoy the live Julia Donaldson story. Sorry I forgot to put the link so here it is


Julia Donaldson is launching a weekly broadcast in partnership with Macmillan and Scholastic, to entertain families during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Gruffalo's Child author will perform stories, songs and poems, and will be joined by her husband.

Illustrators from her books, including Axel Scheffler, Rebecca Cobb, Lydia Monks, David Roberts and Nick Sharratt will also feature.

Donaldson said: "During this very difficult time, I am glad to be able to do something useful from the confines of my home.

"I hope that my stories, songs and poems bring a little cheer to those who read them or tune in to my new weekly broadcasts. I look forward to sharing some favourites and some lesser known works with families everywhere."

The first broadcast will be live on Macmillan and Scholastic's websites today (2nd April) at 4pm, beginning with a performance of A Squash and Squeeze (Macmillan Children's Books




Good Morning!



In Reception we enjoy  telling  Helicopter stories. This is an opportunity for your child to tell a story that they have made up. As your child is telling the story, write it down on a sheet of paper, exactly as they tell it (roughly half a side of A4). Then the fun bit begins, as a family, act the story out. I guarantee if you ask your child to tell you a story and act it out, they will become very excited!

Why not have a go today? If you can send me your Helicopter story preferably in a word document ( you know me well by now :)) I will place them on our class page. I've added one already sent to me for inspiration :)


Have a lovely day, 

Stay safe 

Mrs Smith

I have also added a maths challenge . This can also be accessed via Marvellous Me if you prefer.  I hope you enjoy it, Why not make up your own too?

Scavenger Hunt Fun

Scavenger Hunt Fun 1
Scavenger Hunt Fun 2
Scavenger Hunt Fun 3
Scavenger Hunt Fun 4
Scavenger Hunt Fun 5


Good Morning Reception 1 !

I hope you are enjoying the stories I recorded for you. If you haven't already watched it maybe you would like to watch me read Where's my Teddy? today ( see the video below) and then click on the Word document below to have a go at some of the activities I have suggested. How many can you do ?


Don't forget to include this as one of your 1000 stories!


Have a lovely day

Stay safe


Mrs Smith x

Some of you have already been busy! :)

Where's My Teddy?

Still image for this video
Another story to keep you going over the weekend :)


If you are feeling energetic this afternoon you may like to join in with 'The Curry Dance.' If you feel hungry after all of this exercise you may like to help an adult to prepare the dinner for your family tonight. Have fun!  

 Tuesday 31st March

Good Morning . Here is a little poem I thought you may like. After you have read it, maybe you could draw around your own hands and decorate them.                                                                  

     My Little Hands

God gave me my hand so small,

To hug my family ,big and small,

God gave me my hands so sweet,

To hold your hand down the street,

God gave little hands to me,

So I could wrap them around your knee,

One way to show you that I care,

Is to fold my hands and say a prayer,

I say God please bless us all,

Cause my family is the best of all.


Tuesday 31st March 2020

                                           Create your own Time Capsule

As our children are living through history right now,why not get them to make a simple time capsule?

There are five ideas below that you may want to add when creating the capsule and this is a nice activity for the children to do. You can also put your own ideas into it, to make it unique to your family.


1. Write a letter (adults could scribe for the children if you prefer)

This could be a letter saying their age, who their friends are, favourite TV shows, songs and books. Get Write about what’s happening in their own words and how they are feeling right now. They can also talk about what they would like to be when they grow up and five things they want to do when they’re an adult.


2. News Article 

Print out, draw or copy Newspaper articles that you think would be important to look back on.


3. Include a drawing

Ask them to draw a picture of your family.


4. Take some pictures

Take some photographs on the day you create the capsule and pop them in.


5. Package it all up and lock away

Put everything in a scrapbook, box or some other kind of package and hide it away for years to come.



Monday 30th March


Hi all. Hope you all had a restful weekend. We have set up an Oxford Owl login for our class. This means that pupils can access a range of free online books. Today, you might like to try reading the book in age category 4-5 called 'Little Red Hen'. After you have read it - you could draw and label a picture of the Hen and her friends. 




Click on - Oxford Owl for School


Username- receptionone         (no capital letters or spaces between the two words)

Password - Christchurch          (capital C for Chirst and no spaces between the two words).


Hope you are all well. Have a good day,

Mrs Pearson

Hope everyone is well. Here is a website that you may enjoy. It tells the story of a Koala bear who is scared to try anything new. When you have listened to the story maybe you could think of something new that you could try.

Story time

Aliens in Underpants save the World

Still image for this video
As promised here is our very first story. Hope you all enjoy.

Please let me know if there are any particular stories your children might enjoy and I'll see if I have got a copy.


Good Morning

Hoping you are all safe and well. Below are some useful links, many of which Miss Hollis has shared with me and I wanted to share with you in turn. I will also be adding a few challenges for you to enjoy if you choose and very soon some some stories for you to listen to.


Reading and Writing



If you would like your child to continue having their daily phonics session, then you can catch Ruth Miskin on YouTube daily. It is a highly recommended resource and will keep your child engaged with reading and refresh their sound knowledge. Here is the link: 


Alternatively you can access Phonics play for free using the following: 

Username: march20

Password: home


Hanging Monkeys

Here is an interactive reading game that you can play called 'Hanging Monkeys'. Use your Fred talk to read the CVC words and match the correct picture! What level can you reach? 



At school, the children have been learning to write letters in cursive. On Youtube, there is a great video which shows you exactly how to form each letter of the alphabet. This is a great tool to use alongside the formation sheet. You could even use this video as a reading exercise by letting it play through and asking your child to say each sound they see in the video. To challenge further, then think of something that starts with that sound. Here is the link:


1000 stories

It is so important to keep reading, reading, reading! Read as many books as you can, and keep working your way up to 1000 mark. Make a list of each story shared on a blank piece of paper and when school re-opens we can stamp your card. If you are struggling for books at home, you can use the Oxford Owl or cbeebies link below, which will direct you to ‘Bedtime stories’. 


Don't forget your Oxford Owl access to lots of FREE ebooks too


username : Rec1christchurch

password  Ilovereading





This is a great Maths resource for you to check out, to keep the children embedding those skills learnt in the classroom using the principles we follow. Go to The activities can be done without the story, however here is a link to the story found on Youtube to get your child engaged!


Counting games

Keep up your counting skills with Topmarks! There are lots of fun interactive games relevant to Early Years. Follow the link and let us know what you counted today! 


Well Being and spending time together


Be Calm!

Follow the link to Cosmic Kids Yoga! Work your way through some well known stories whilst reaching a calm place. 




Why not try some thoughtful conversations and questions today? Click the link to open up activity packs and videos full of thoughtful questions to spark philosophical conversations! 



Make a rainbow

The children who were in school on Friday enjoyed creating rainbow pictures to put in the windows of their homes. If your child didn't get to do this or would like to make another then why not try and create a rainbow picture . You can use any creative materials you like, for example, paint, pencil crayons, wax crayon etc. If you do not have these materials why not try and make something colourful using lego bricks and place them on a windowsill?



Helicopter Stories

In Reception we tell Helicopter stories. This is an opportunity for your child to tell a story that they have made up. As your child is telling the story, write it down on a sheet of paper, exactly as they tell it (roughly half a side of A4). Then the fun bit begins, as a family, act the story out. I guarantee if you ask your child to tell you a story and act it out, they will become very excited!



25. 03.20  Today's challenge

While the sun is shining why not get out into the garden while you can.? ( If you aren't able to then hunt for items inside )


Can you find 10 'interesting' things ( keep them smallish) then try these 


- can you arrange them in order of size?

-choose 2 or 3  of the items, what is the same/ different about them?

- select a number of the 10 objects, can you share them between two of you? Do you have the same amount?


Have fun  and stay safe







Mia has been busy with the challenge. Have you tried it yet?

Our fabulous Home Learning!

Look how busy we have been. Have you tried any activities yet or completed work from your home learning pack. Mrs Smith, Mrs Pearson and all your friends in Reception 1 would love to see what you have been up to.