Calming Techniques

Five finger breathing


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How to create a self-soothe box

A 'self-soothe box' is a really good way to calm yourself if you are ever feeling distressed, anxious or angry. You can choose the items for the box yourself. What helps to calm or distract you? Add those to your box! Personalise it and create something that works just for you.






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CBeebies releases new mindfulness app experience voiced by Stephen Fry.

Developed with a mindfulness consultant, and available now for free in the CBeebies Go Explore app, it lets little ones discover three fun activities each day that introduce focus, creativity and calm. Your Mindful Garden teaches valuable techniques to help children de-stress and unwind - useful skills both in these tough times and for later in life.


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Meditation for Schools - To make it easier for you to access the meditation stories for schools, access the playlist on YouTube that contains all of the stories from Monday 20th April.


All new stories will be uploaded every day to this playlist and will be available from 1pm.


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