Maths: The Three I's

Mathematics at Christ Church aims to give children the best start to their experiences of Maths by making it an enjoyable subject that prepares children for Mathematics in everyday life. Everything that is taught earlier builds solid foundations for Maths taught later in the curriculum. We want all of our children to be confident and independent mathematicians that are willing to tackle any challenge, to be resilient learners that are determined to succeed. Collaborative work is encouraged with opportunities to discuss, explain and justify their workings. We want our children to not just know how to do maths but to have a sound knowledge of the understanding behind it.  They are given deeper learning opportunities both in maths and across the curriculum, where they can reason and problem solve, developing a deep mathematical understanding and enabling them to make connections between topics and concepts

We aim for our children to leave Christ Church with a positive attitude towards mathematics, with a desire to be challenged and with the knowledge and confidence to succeed.