Always Club

Always Club


At Christ Church CE, we like to celebrate the children's achievements. Due to this, members of staff look out for children who are 'always' displaying our school values, 'always' following the rules, 'always' putting in their very best effort, 'always' being a good friend or even 'always' smiling...the list for nominations for 'Always Club' is endless! The only real criteria is that the 'Always Club' tickets are presented for any positive behaviours that the children 'always' display.


Each time an 'Always Club' ticket is presented, the child's name is written on the back and it is added to the class special box ready for the Friday draw. Whoever is drawn out, wins and they then get to have hot chocolate, cream and marshmallows, and a choice of lots of cake and biscuits in Mr Davies' office. It is a real treat!


When the children attend 'Always Club, they share with the group the reason for their 'Always' ticket. It is a chance to celebrate and be proud of their achievements. The children's photos are even added to a special board outside Mr Davies' office.