Building Expansion Project 2021

This is what our exciting new teaching block is going to look like. Work starts on Monday 15th February and every week we'll add photos and other information about how the project is moving on. 

Our first pictures show what the new teaching block will look like from above and from ground level.

Our construction team are now on site. We are using Interclass as our primary contractor. They are a family owned Midlands based business established in 1976, and specialise in construction, civil engineering and surfacing projects.


Project Manager Steve Budding and Philip Walker, Contract Manager are our main points of contact for anything to do with the building work. We are looking forward to working with them to make this building a real success.

WEEK 1 Our exciting new project begins. The diggers are onsite and have begun to clear the ground ready for the building work to begin.

The trees are being removed to make way for our new classrooms.

Watch the last tree being cut

Still image for this video
WEEK 2    Work is starting on getting the ground ready for lorries to begin delivering materials.   

The view from above

WEEK 3  Preparing the ground for the drilling machines to start work next week
The site offices are delivered for our contractors
WEEKS 4 & 5  The drilling machine is now on site. The contractors will be drilling around 35 bore holes and pumping something called grout into the holes. The grout will set and make the ground firmer. This means that the new building will be built on ground that is really stable and capable of supporting the weight of the new classrooms.

Drilling the ground is very messy work The contractors get very wet and dirty.

The drilling machine has started to drill the last hole. The contractors have now pumped nearly 90 Tonnes of grout into the ground

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WEEK 6  Work starts this week on digging the foundations for the new classrooms

Watch the digger begin the work of digging the foundations

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The blue lines show the digger driver where to dig the trenches for the foundations
The first load of concrete has been delivered. We'll soon be able to see the shape of our new classrooms.

Charlie from our groundwork contractor CPL has very kindly donated 50 Easter eggs to our school. You can see Mrs Bolton receiving them..


The concrete and steel cages have been installed to most of the trenches. It won't be long before the new classrooms start to show above ground.

Week 9

The first 3 classroom floors are now in place. By the end of this week all the steel frames will be in place and the concrete can be poured next week. We should then be able to see the shape of the new classrooms and corridors.


The concrete for the floors is being poured this week.

Watch the concrete being poured

Still image for this video


The concrete has been poured and you can now see the shape of the new classrooms


The crane and the first delivery of steel has arrived. We should begin to see the new building begin to take shape.

The first part of the steelwork has been installed. It's already beginning to look like a building

It's the end of week 12 and most of the steel has been erected. When we come back from half term all of the steel will be installed and we'll really be able to see what the new classrooms look like.

WEEK 13 Half Term

The contractors have been busy during half term. All of the steel is fitted and the bricks and blocks have been delivered ready to start building the walls. The new extension is now joined to the main school.


Some of the walls are now being built. You can really start to see were the corridor is on the left hand side of the new building.


The next layers of floor are now being installed and work has begun on the drainage to the new classrooms.


Still image for this video


The new building is now joined to the school.

The roof timbers are now being put in. It might look like a football goal is being built but this is a safety net for the workers when they are building the new roof!

WEEK 17 

The builders are installing something called an attenuation tank. It looks a little like giant milk crates being put into the ground! The attenuation tank collects rainwater before it is pumped into the main drain. 

It's the end of week 17and the new classrooms are well on the way to having a roof fitted.


It's now the end of week18 and work is continuing on the roof. The brickwork is almost to half height. Things are moving on.


I hope that you are enjoying your first week of the holidays. The new classrooms are really taking shape. Most of the blockwork is complete and the roof is now ready to be insulated and sealed.

Week 20

The new pump station is being installed and work continues on the roof.

Week 21

We're well into the summer holidays now and work continues on the new classrooms. This week has seen the start of the plumbing and electrical work as well as lots more work on the roof making sure it is watertight and well insulated.

Week 22

This week the builders have been finishing off the roof work.  All of the glass and window frames have been delivered ready for fitting and we now have our first windows installed.


Week 23

It's been a busy week this week. We now have windows fitted to the roof area. The roof is complete and most of the brickwork has been laid.

Week 24

Things are beginning to take shape inside the new classrooms. Some of the internal walls have been erected and you can now see the shape of the corridor outside the five new classrooms.

Week 25

Things are really beginning to take shape. This week has seen most of the underfloor heating pipework installed. The first windows at ground level are also being fitted and the dividing walls between the classrooms are well on the way to being completed.

Week 26

The floor finishes are being installed this week and work has begun on converting the old year 6 classroom into a corridor and toilet block. The first of the big classroom window frames have also been fitted.

Week 27

This week has seen all of the floors laid, lots of internal walls being erected and the new boilers and pipework being installed.

Week 28

This week has seen the glass installed into the big classroom windows. It's really beginning to look like a school now. The plasterers have been busy inside the building with most of the walls now boarded. Electricians have been installing cables and fittings and the control equipment for the underfloor heating has been fitted.

Week 29

It's been full steam ahead again this week. All of the windows and doors are fitted and glazed. Most of the electrical cabling has been installed along with the piping for hot and cold water. All of the external brickwork has been finished and next week the remaining scaffolding will be taken down.

Week 30

This has seen the the plasterers putting up more and more plaster boards and we now have all of the external doors and windows fitted. We've also taken delivery of the internal door frames.

Week 31

The outside areas are now being prepared. The site has been levelled and the drains are now connected. Inside the building, the first walls have been plastered, the heating systems have been pressure tested and the electrical and data cables have all been installed.

Week 32

All of the walls in the new classrooms have been plastered and the plumbers have started to fit the new toilets. Outside the ground is being levelled before the new paving is laid and the new trees are planted.

Week 33

The classrooms are really starting to take shape. Some have been plastered and the ceilings are ready for an insulating coating. You can also see the shape of the opening into one of the break out areas - its quite funky! The opening into the main school will be made this week as well, the electrical cables have been moved ready for the wall to be demolished. The final connections for the drains are also being made.

Week 34


This week has seen the new classrooms really taking shape. The painters have put on the first coat of paint. All of the plastering is finished and the new fencing is nearly complete. All of the internal doors have been installed and the classroom sinks and worktops have been fitted. 

Week 35

This week has seen a big concentration on getting the paths and ground outside the ne classrooms ready. You can begin to see were the new path is going to go. You can also see a big pile of steaming tree bark that has just been delivered and is ready for spreading around the new borders and plants.

Week 36

We are nearly finished. This is the last but one week of the program and most of the decorating is complete. The new vinyl and carpet is being laid and most of the shrubs and trees are planted. The new building has even had it's first covering of snow and the whole school looks like a winter wonderland!