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Independent Word Building

RWI initial sound sorting

Child-Initiated RWI teaching

The children asked if they could use the RWI cards that were on my desk, from our prior lesson. The leading child, then began repeating language used by myself in RWI lessons. This was a wonderful way to reinforce learning for all involved!

Teaching Phonics in Reception

In Reception, we use Read Write Inc to teach the letter sounds to the children. We use rhymes to help the children to remember the sound and how to form the letters. 

Blending is a key skill to support the children's reading development. Fred the frog helps us to blend by only speaking in sounds and we have to blend to make the word. For example, Fred says "m-a-t" and the children say "mat". You could play Fred Games at home, such as Fred Says. Fred says "Eat your t-oa-s-t." The children should then begin to eat their toast.


Fred also helps us with our spelling. Using Fred Fingers to break down and segment words into single sounds that we can then write. When writing sat, you can hear 3 sounds. s-a-t. Hold up three fingers, pinch each finger as you say the sound and then write each letter.


Colourful Semantics in Reception

RWI Speed Sounds

At Christ Church, we teach phonics using Read Write Inc. Here is a video of how to pronounce each sound.