Spring 2 – To Paint 

During the spring term, Year 2 will be learning how to create digital pictures. They will look at Impressionist art and Pointillism before creating their very own digital versions. I am sure we will create some masterpieces.

Spring 1 – Questioning 

During the spring term, Year 2 will be learning how to create digital pictograms. We will be using a range of yes or no questions to collect data then completing our very own digital Binary Trees. See if you can log on to Purple Mash and complete any of your To-Dos at home! 



Autumn 2 - Spreadsheets and Questioning 

We are learning how to copy and paste images and numbers to create our own spreadsheets. We're also using our knowledge of number to help us calculate the total amount too. Later in the term we will be collecting our own data to compile our own digital pictograms. If you would like to have a look at the software we will use to create these pictograms just click on 2Count via the Purple Mash website. 


Autumn 1 - Coding 

The children have really impressed the adults, with their ability to code this term. After learning how to log on into Purple Mash, we learnt how to move images and characters using 2Code. If you would like to check it out yourself, simply log on via the Purple Mash website and click 2Code. 



Coding in Purple Mash Tutorial

This video is a short guide to coding in Purple Mash.