Reading Scheme

Reading Scheme


Pupils at Christ Church are encouraged to read from entry into school.  Nursery pupils will share stories and nursery rhymes as part of the daily diet of reading.  Pupils will be provided with a ‘Book Bag’ and a starter pack of books to be used at home. Initial letters and sounds will be taught, following the RWI (Read, Write Inc.) principles.


As pupils progress into Reception the teaching of reading will become more formalised. RWI will be the main tool used to help pupils develop their early reading skills and phonic awareness.  This is also where pupils will begin to use the school ‘Reading Scheme’.  Project X Phonics is used to support early reading but as children grow in confidence they will move to the Project X Alien Adventures books.


From Year 1 through to Year 6 pupils will mainly follow the Project X Alien Adventures scheme, although these have been supplemented with extra mini schemes also produced by Oxford University Press.  This allows pupils a much richer and wider reading experience.


For those pupils who complete the scheme or are sufficiently accomplished readers then the opportunity is provided to become a ‘free reader’ and choose their own books from home or the school library.


Over the coming year, Christ Church will be implementing Accelerated Reader. This system assesses the pupils reading level and provides a list of books that will challenge and improve their reading.


Pupils will also participate in ‘Guided Reading’ sessions each week. The books chosen are carefully selected to meet the needs of the pupils and are taken from the Project X Guided Reading Scheme.  For those pupils who may struggle with reading, Code X is also available to be used.


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