Mental Health & Wellbeing

Our Mental Health & Wellbeing leaders are Mrs Till and Mrs Dillon.


Our Mental Health First Aider in school is:  Mrs A. Dillon

At Christ Church CE Primary, we aim to promote inclusion and good mental health and wellbeing for everyone. For most pupils, being confident and resilient is developed through quality first provision, which includes:


  • Being greeted by members of the Senior Leadership Team on the school gate each day
  • A calm, loving and nurturing school environment
  • Enjoying daily breakfast together as a class
  • Participating in daily check-ins, which continue throughout the school day
  • Using 'Emotion Coaching' and a 'Restorative' approach when things have gone wrong
  • Recognising and identifying issues early, providing teacher support and time, where necessary
  • PE lessons that focus on being healthy
  • Rewarding and celebrating positive behaviours both in and out of school.



Some pupils at Christ Church may experience times when they are vulnerable and are displaying behaviours that need additional emotional support. Early intervention is delivered and we have many different types of provision and resources available to do this.


RainbowOur Sensory Room
'A calm and nurturing start'.'A place to relax, destress and diffuse anxieties'

A small group environment

Gives opportunities to talk

Promotes self-esteem

Develops social skills through eating at the table and play

Develops communication and language with focus on understanding emotions and feelings

Enables children to prepare for the day ahead

Provides a steady approach to learning to suit the needs of the children.


Sensory toys

Bean bags

Fish bubble and light tubes

Fidget toys

Sensory soft play

Fairy lights


Sensory bottles

A place to use 'self-soothe' boxes





Reflexions Team, Imagine Inclusion and school-based supportCare and Guidance Manager
'Meet Stacey and Lindsey''Meet Mrs Smith'

Trained NHS practitioner (Reflexions Team)

Assistant Educational Psychologist (Imagine Inclusion)


1:1, paired support or group support

Child-centred plans

Parent support and guidance

Parent workshops

Huggle Pets

Treetops Nurture


Available to meet any child for planned sessions or for 'drop-ins' during the day. Mrs Smith offers support, care and guidance to all.


Daily support offered to parents/carers at the school gate or during 1-1 meetings.


Developing positive mental health and coping strategies.

1:1 and group support

Promotes and supports making positive relationships between staff and children

Our school therapy dogs help to form positive bonds and soothe.

Emotional literacy focus


Our Mentally Friendly World

Hello Yellow Day 2022

Reception 1

Year 1 Red

Year 1 Orange

Y4 Harris