Number Stories

Each week in Spring One, we will focus on a number 1-5. We will work on recognising it in different ways (finger numbers, Numicon and numerals), representing numbers in different ways and subitising. We will also link the numbers to shapes. For example, 1 can be linked with a circle as it has 1 side. Subitising is recognising how many without counting. You could try this at home! How many toys in the pile? How many chicken nuggets on your plate?


Key words

Subitise, show, represent, count, order, more, less, spot, recognise, circle, square, triangle and rectangle

Recognising, matching and naming 2D shapes

Subitise Up To 5

Just Like Me!

In Autumn Two, we will be matching and sorting toys. We will be comparing amounts as well as size and weight. 

Here are some key words to help us.

match, sort, same, different, group, more, less, tallest, shortest, heaviest and lightest.

Finding more

Saying numbers in order 1-5.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been counting lots of objects and actions making sure to count carefully saying the numbers 1-5 in order.

Challenge us at home by showing a number 1-5 on your counting fingers and ask us to jump, clap or hop that number! Please let Miss Le Moigne know on a Proud Cloud if I can do this!

Counting back in a Number Rhyme

We have been singing 5 Little Ducks and 5 Little Speckled Frogs to count back from 5 to 0. We love to join in with the actions!

Counting on in a number rhyme

We have been learning to count on in a number rhyme. We have tried to show the numbers on our fingers and sing aloud!

Our learning this week


In Maths, we made our own birthday cakes counting out the correct number of candles. Some of us are 3 and some of us are 4 already!