Art and DT

Autumn 1:


Make your Mark


During Autumn 1 we will be looking at mark making skills. This includes different lines and materials we can use to mark make. Children will produce a drawing that displays observational skills using the skills and materials we have experimented with throughout the term.

The artist we will be looking at during Autumn 1 is Wassily Kandinsky.

Autumn 2 DT: Eating more fruit and vegetables.


During Autumn 2 we worked towards creating our own fruit skewers. We had to taste, design and create our fruit skewers. We had to think carefully about the fruit we wanted to include to meet our design criteria. We also looked at knife skills, slicing and chopping the fruit we needed. 

Spring 1 Art: Colour Splash!


During Spring 1 we used skills such as, colour mixing and printing to create artwork influenced by two key artists. The artists we looked at are Jasper Johns and Clarice Cliff.