Spring 1 

Gospel: What Would Jesus Do?

During Spring 1, Year will focus on the question, 'What Would Jesus Do?'


The children will analyse the following:


Explore Jesus’ teachings and example and how they inspire Christians today.


Consider the extent to which Jesus’ values and example would benefit today’s world, within the school community, local and national communities and out to the global community.


Examine Luke 4:18–19 and find out what Jesus saw as his mission.


Find examples of where he fulfilled this mission.

Exploring leaders: Sikh and Hindu

During Autumn 1, Year 6 will be learning about local and inspirational leaders in Hinduism and Sikhism. 


Our main focus is: 

  • To identify and describe the lives of good leaders from Sikh and Hindu sources and make links between how they wish to lead their lives. ·
  • To describe, understand and reflect on the life stories of inspirational people from the Sikh faith. To make links between the stories of Guru Nanak and the way Sikhs live today. · 
  • To respond thoughtfully to Guru Nanak’s wisdom, ideas and beliefs. ·
  • To learn to explore, question and respond to the teachings and experience of Mahatma Ghandi from the Hindu community. ·
  • To learn, explore, question and respond to the teachings and experience of Pandurang Shrastri Athavale from the Hindu community. ·