Emily Brown and the Thing 

In Writing this term, we have used the story Emily Brown and the Thing as inspiration for our very own diary entries and stories. Our writing is going from strength to strength as we, are now using both coordinating and subordinating conjunctions in all our pieces of work.  

Subordinating Conjunctions 

This is one of our favourite videos to sing along to in Writing and it helps us learn too. 

Little Croc's Purse

This term in Writing, we have been looking at the story, 'Little Croc's Purse'. We have used this story as inspiration to write our very own finding tale.

Autumn 2 


This term, we have loved reading, 'The Fish who Could Wish' it has helped us learn all about adjectives and create expanded noun phrases to describe characters and settings. We have created our own magical creatures and thought carefully about what they would wish for.

The Fish Who Could Wish 🐠

Take a look at the story that has captivated our imaginations.

What Are Expanded Noun Phrases?

What are expanded noun phrases?