The Night Pirates

The Night Pirates by Peter Harris


Our very first Writing lesson was quite exciting. Before we sat down to write a thing, we had to find our story ‘The Night Pirates’. Luckily, we were left a detailed map to follow which led us to a treasure chest, gems and our story. We could not wait to get back to class to read it.


‘The Night Pirates’ written by Peter Harris is a journey story. We are using this simple story to help us sequence events and retell it in our own words. This term, we will be looking to consolidate some of the grammatical skills, which the children learnt in Year 1, whilst beginning to teach new writing features such as expanded noun phrases.


Click on the links below to sharpen up some of your SPaG knowledge – these are skills which we are leaning about currently or very soon.


What Are Expanded Noun Phrases?

What are expanded noun phrases?