Reception 2

Welcome to Reception 2!

School closure support

Hi Reception 2, here are some extra links to work that you can access during the school closure. I hope you are all well and are keeping safe! Remember to keep washing those hands and keep singing the 'Happy Birthday' song (2 times) when you wash them. Don't forget to send me your lovely work and keep earning those Marvellous Me badges! 


Take care,


Miss Hollis smiley

Story of the Week - Tiger has a Tantrum

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Good morning. Here are the daily tasks for this week W/B 29.6.20

Story for this week - 08/06/2020 - The Invisible String

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We hope you enjoy!

Welcome back Reception 2!

We hope you have had a lovely half term but now it's time to get back to work so here are this week's daily task sheets.

Staying at home story

Good afternoon

I hope you have all had a good week.Here is a link to a short story about social distancing that you may want to share with your child

Have a lovely weekend!

Winner of Pirate dress up competition is....Luca!

Congratulations Luca! 5 MME badges awarded to you!

Reception 2 Pirate Crew!

Ahoy There!

Ahoy there me hearties. This motley looking crew are looking for some new recruits! If you'd like to join us send us a photo of yourself in your best pirate costume (please don't go to any expense just use what you can find at home) by email before Friday lunchtime. Everyone who applies to join our crew will receive 2 MME badges. The best dressed pirate from each class will win 5 MME badges.

Good luck to all! 

Video Story for this week 11/05/2020

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I hope you enjoy the pirate story for this week.

Daily Tasks for Thursday 14th May

Daily Tasks for Friday 15th May


5 MME badges go to Jude!

VE Day

Friday is a Bank Holiday to celebrate  the 75th anniversary of VE Day .

Although there will be no daily task sheet set I did prepare a little ideas sheet to mark the day or to help with any celebrations you may be planning at home.

I am sorry but i have just realised that I did not include the sheet with the daily tasks! You should now find it below


Have fun and enjoy the bank holiday weekend.

Only 2 days to go!!

Mrs Smith has been busy making snack boats today. Have you made yours yet? She is sure you could do better.

We would all love to see your boaty creations so don't be shy. Remember to send your teacher a photo by Thursday lunchtime and you could be the proud owner of 5 MME badges as well as a tasty snack!

Mrs Smith's boat snacks


Good Morning Reception 2. Just below are your Daily Task Sheets and story of the week .

Look out later today for an exciting announcement about this week's competition !

Competition Time

And now for this weeks competition!

As our ocean theme related tasks are about transport ( mainly boats). We are challenging you to turn your snack or lunch into an edible boat. There are a couple of pictures above and plenty of ideas on the edible boats PDF (just click on the link above)


BEFORE you eat it remember to take a photo and email it to your teacher before lunchtime on Thursday 7th May.

The winner not only gets to enjoy a tasty good looking snack but also 5 MME badges too. There is no limit to the number of attempts you have so get creative and enjoy!

Story of the week. Pirates in Pyjamas

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Well done and thank you to everyone who took part, I hope you enjoyed making your dance video. You were all amazing! It was such a tricky decision to make. Congratulations to our winner Elma, you will now receive 5 MME badges!

Reception  2 Dance Competition

Reception 2 LOVE to dance! This week you have the opportunity to create a dance video that lasts 30 seconds long to the song of your choice. Parents and siblings can be a part of your video if you wish. The winning dance video will be posted here on Friday 1st May, alongside 5 MME badges! Please send enteries to Miss Hollis via email before 12pm on Friday 1st May! Get your dancing shoes on and good luck! 

Want to make a cup of tea? Follow Maddie's instructions. Tea makes everything better!

We have been very busy this week! 20.04.20

Frankie Holland's NHS Fundraiser

Good Afternoon!

Frankie (in Reception 1) and her Mum have been very busy raising funds for our wonderful NHS by making silly videos and masks.

If you feel you would like to support them the link is below.

They have raised over £500 so far! Keep up the great work Frankie and mum !


Hope you are all safe and well 

Mrs Smith

Storytime with Miss Webster!

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Here is a special treat from Miss Webster, who wanted to read 'That's not my dinosaur!' to you today! Enjoy everyone.

Rhyming words

Week beginning 20.04.20

Here is our story of the week

Hello. Hope you all had a lovely Easter . Here are the daily tasks which have been set for Monday 20th April.

Here are the daily tasks for Reception for Tuesday 21st April. Have fun !

Good morning everyone. We hope you are being good for your adults. Here are the daily tasks for Wednesday 22nd April.

Naming Sea Creatures for Wednesday 22nd April.

Daily tasks for Thursday 23rd April.

Daily Tasks for Friday 24th April. Have a good weekend!

Oxford Owl class login.

Letter formation chart to support correct letter formation. We hope you find this useful.

Work for week beginning 30.03.20


Monday - Hi Reception 2, here is a link to a story called Handa's Surprise. Copy and paste the link into your browser in order to access. After you have listened to the story, please access the activities and see how many you can do. As always, it is lovely to see your work, so keep getting in touch and letting me know how you are getting on. 


Tuesday - Good morning everyone, hope you are all okay today! I have uploaded a new story for today called 'Peace at last' alongside a writing activity where I teach how to hold a sentence. You can access the videos as many times as you like and don't forget to include the stories as part of your 1000 stories list! Have a lovely day! 


Wednesday - Hi Reception! Hope you are all enjoying your home learning experience. I love all of the photographs and messages that you have been sending. You can find our new story of the day below. It is called 'How to catch a star'. It is one of my favourite stories so I hope you enjoy it. Alongside this, there are some activities that you can do also. Enjoy! 


Thursday - ALIENS LOVE UNDERPANTS! A request was sent to me to read this story, so here it is. Hope you all enjoy it! There is also a word document of activities to go with it for you to access. Have a wonderful day and keep sending your work, it's amazing. 


Friday - Today's challenge is to learn all about Easter. Below is a link that will tell you pretty much all you need to know about Easter time. Watch each of the clips on the website and then over the holidays you can access the Easter craft activities and have lots of fun! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday! 



Take care, 

Miss Hollis smiley

Aliens Love Underpants Activities

How to catch a star activities

Handa's Surprise activities


Here you can see all of the wonderful work that has been sent in. It may give you some ideas to things you can try at home! Enjoy! 


Creative work - Making pants for Aliens!


Looking for shapes

Harrison found lots of shapes in our story!

Maddie's sentence about 'Peace at last'

Independent work!

Puppet show

"The witch comes to help all of the small people and she tells the wizard he must turn everybody back big, the wizard says no, only if you pay me 100's of pounds.The witch says ok but I will make everyone big and then make you small because you are very mean."


Easter decorations

Easter decoration
Lacey's worked very hard!

Be Calm!

Follow the link to Cosmic Kids Yoga! Work your way through some well known stories whilst reaching a calm place. 


Rainbow Breathing

When we need calm time in Reception 2, we breathe like a rainbow would. Follow the link to do your daily rainbow breathing! 



We also like to freeze up and melt as a way to relax. Do your daily 'melting' by following this link 



Why not try some thoughtful conversations and questions today? Click the link to open up activity packs and videos full of thoughtful questions to spark philosophical conversations! 


I have a Maths resource for you to check out, to keep the children embedding those skills learnt in the classroom. Go to The activities can be done without the story, however here is a link to the story found on Youtube to get your child engaged!


You can also access the 'Numberblocks' using the BBC Iplayer. Follow the link[Discovery_Cards]-[Multi_Site]-[SL09]-[PS_IPLAYER~C~~P_Numberblocks:TheWrongNumber] 


A Reception favourite is the NumberJacks! This programme can be found on YouTube. Follow the link 

All Through History (Official Lyric Video) - Nick & Becky Drake // Worship For Everyone

Enjoy singing this at home, teach your parents if you can!


If you would like your child to continue having their daily phonics session, then you can catch Ruth Miskin on YouTube daily. It is a highly recommended resource and will keep your child engaged with reading and refresh their sound knowledge. Here is the link: 


Alternatively you can access Phonics play for free using the following: 

Username: march20

Password: home


You can also access the 'Alphablocks' from BBC iplayer. Click the link below. 



Make a rainbow

If you haven’t already heard from social media, a lot of young children are creating rainbow pictures to put in the windows of their homes. Why not try and create a rainbow picture to put in the window of your home. You can use any creative materials you like, for example, paint, pencil crayons, wax crayon etc. If you do not have these materials why not try and make something colourful using lego bricks and place them on a windowsill?


At school, the children have been learning to write letters in cursive. On Youtube, there is a great video which shows you exactly how to form each letter of the alphabet. This is a great tool to use alongside the formation sheet. You could even use this video as a reading exercise by letting it play through and asking your child to say each sound they see in the video. To challenge further, then think of something that starts with that sound. Here is the link:

1000 stories

It is so important to keep reading, reading, reading! Read as many books as you can, and keep working your way up to 1000 mark. Make a list of each story shared on a blank piece of paper and when school re-opens we can stamp your card. If you are struggling for books at home, you can use the Oxford Owl or cbeebies link below, which will direct you to ‘Bedtime stories’. 


Helicopter Stories

In Reception we tell Helicopter stories. This is an opportunity for your child to tell a story that they have made up. As your child is telling the story, write it down on a sheet of paper, exactly as they tell it (roughly half a side of A4). Then the fun bit begins, as a family, act the story out. I guarantee if you ask your child to tell you a story and act it out, they will become very excited!


Have free access to ebooks online by using the Oxford Owl website. Use your class login to sign in. Read as many books as you can! 


Counting games

Keep up your counting skills with Topmarks! There are lots of games relevant to Early Years. Follow the link and let me know what you counted today! 




Hanging Monkeys

Here is an interactive reading game that you can play called 'Hanging Monkeys'. Use your Fred talk to read the CVC words and match the correct picture! What level can you reach? 


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