Art & DT


Spring 2


Great Inventions

We have been exploring different inventions and their inventors, and how their creations have changed people’s lives around the world. 

One of the inventions we explored was reinforced concrete, which has been used to ensure that buildings and structures are sturdy. To understand the idea, we created our own reinforced structures, having a competition to see whose was strong enough to hold a dictionary.



Another invention we look at was the mackintosh coat - a lightweight, waterproof coat. we explored which materials are waterproof or not on our paper boats. 


Autumn 2


This half term, we have been learning about mechanisms in storybooks. We began by exploring different storybooks and their moving parts. 

Next, we had a go at making some of the mechanisms for ourselves…





Spring 1




Creating mood boards to show all of our favourite things:



Our tie-dye T-shirts

Autumn 1


Prehistoric Art


We have really enjoyed learning about prehistoric art and the techniques and tools used to create it. Based upon our learning, we made our own paint and painting tools out of natural resources.



We also used charcoal to design our own cave art.



Finally, we created a large class piece of art to display the different techniques that we have learnt.