Spring Term 1

This half term, Year 6 will be focussing on an incredible book by Michael Morpurgo called War Horse.


In Writing, we are writing a non-chronological report all about 'Horses' and how they were used and treated throughout World War 1.  Then, we are going to write a persuasive letter as Albert (Joey's companion in War Horse) trying to persuade the army not to take his beloved friend to help on the front line.



War Horse


This term, Year 6 Hall are looking at a fantastic book called Outlaw by Michael Morpurgo.


 First, we are delving into setting descriptions and are trying to use adventurous vocabulary to bring a setting to life!


Next, we are focussing on narrative writing.  We will look deeply at the purpose and audience for this style of writing before completing the following learning outcomes: character descriptions and a retell of Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow.

Our class learning focus is word class and sentence types.  There are some great links below to help you and your child.