School Council

School Council 2023-2024



Pupil voice is highly regarded within school. One of the ways pupil's can express their ideas is via the School Council.


The School Council meet fortnightly to share and discuss views and is made up of Year 5 and Year 6 members. Their role is to ensure that the voice of every pupil in the school is fairly represented and to promote our school values and Christian Distinctiveness.


What do the children think about School Council?

  • They think it is important that as a Council, they represent everyone in school and carry forward ideas from their peers in class.
  • They believe they should be an outstanding role model to others in school.
  • All think it is important to raise money for school and other school supported charities.
  • School Council is fun and they enjoy coming to meetings to discuss important things.


Watch out below for exciting news and updates for this year's projects!


Our Councillors this year are...

Year 5: Vincent, Esmee, Freya, Avneet and Hugo. 

Year 6: Dara, Charley, Oscar and Heidi 

School Council Parking Patrol 

School Council have been busy trying to solve the parking issues on the access road. They have created parking posters, and will be completing a parking patrol to make drivers think twice about parking on the access road!