Autumn 1- 

During Autumn 1 we will explore Purple Mash and the various programmes within Purple Mash. Children will be introduced to logging into their own accounts and how to navigate the site. We will be looking at online safety and how we can keep ourselves safe while using the internet.


Our Key Objectives:

Unit 1.1 - Online Safety & Exploring Purple Mash

1. I can log in safely and save my work.

2. I can find saved work in the online work area and use the search function.

3. I can become familiar with the types of resources available in the Topics section.

4. I can explore the Tools area of Purple Mash and to learn about the common icons used in Purple Mash for Save, Print, Open, New.


Unit 1.2 - Grouping and Sorting (2DIY)

1. I can sort items using a range of criteria.

2. I can sort items on the computer using the ‘Grouping’ activities in Purple Mash.

Autumn 2- Our Key Objectives


Unit 1.3 - Pictograms (3 weeks) 2Count

1. I can understand that data can be represented in picture format.

2. I can contribute to a class pictogram

3. I can use a pictogram to record the results of an experiment.


Unit 1.4 - Lego Builders (3 weeks) 2Diy

1. I can understand the importance of following instructions.

2. I can follow and create simple instructions on the computer.

3. I can consider how the order of instructions affects the result.

Spring 1- Our Key Objectives:


Unit 1.5 - Maze Explorers (3 weeks) 2Go

1. I can use the direction keys to complete the challenges successfully.

2. I can understand how to create and debug a set of instructions (algorithm).

3. I can use the additional direction keys as part of my algorithm, understand how to change and extend the algorithm list and create a longer algorithm for an activity.


Unit 1.6 - Animated Story Books (5 weeks) 2Create A Story

1. I can explore the tools of 2Create a Story’s My Simple Story level.

2. I can add animation to a picture.

3. I can add a sound effect and a voice recording to a picture

Spring 2- Our Key Objectives:


Unit 1.7 - Coding (6 weeks) 2Code

1. I can understand what instructions are and predict what will happen when instructions are followed.

2. I can use code to make a computer program and understand what objects and actions are.

3. I can understand what an event is and use an event to control an object.

4. I can begin to understand how code executes when a program is run.