History & Geography

The Significant Life Events of Neil Armstrong

This term in History, we will be looking at the great moments throughout Neil Armstrong’s life. We will look at how Neil Armstrong trained to become the first man on the moon, his journey to the moon and what happened once he had successfully returned. 

One Small Step on the Moon for All Mankind

Spring 1   - Hot and cold places around the world 


This term, we are travelling around the world exploring hot and cold countries. We will look at both the human and physical features of various countries and continents. We will begin to investigate why some countries are hotter than others are, and begin to explore the effects of global warming. We will consider the natural adaptations that animals have and why these adaptations are helpful to the animal’s survival.

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Autumn 2  - The Gunpowder Plot and The Great Fire of London


We began the term,  by looking at how different life was 400 years ago. After, we looked at the main events leading up to the plot and how the plotters were caught. 

Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot