History & Geography

Would you rather live in a hot or cold place?


We are looking forward to learning all about different countries throughout the world in this unit of work. By the end of the term, we will be able to name and identify all seven continents of the world, as well as locating the Equator, North and South Poles too. We will use this information to help us spot similarities and differences of two different countries. Whilst thinking carefully about where we would rather live.

Frozen Planet II | Official Trailer | New Attenborough Series | BBC Studios

The Great Fire of London & Guy Fawkes


This term, we will be learning all about the Great Fire of London and Guy Fawkes. Throughout this topic, we will compare our lives now to those who lived 400 years ago. We will use a range of sources to help us delve into the past and discover why the fire was so severe and how London changed following the event. We will discuss the reasons why Guy Fawkes wanted to blow up the Houses of Parliament and how his plan was discovered. 



The Great Fire of London

Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot