Autumn 2


Toy Story - Playscript

Following on from reading the playscript 'A Tune of Lies' (Literacy and Language text), we have written our own playscript to a clip from Toy Story ( To make our work our own, we edited some of the characters and provided stage directions for them - a great opportunity to show off our understanding of adverbs, letting the reader know how to say or do something.



Instructions - How to make a sandwich
Using the text ‘How to make a one-string guitar’, we discovered the features of a set of instructions. We then wrote our own after finding out what can go wrong if instructions aren’t clear enough. 


Here we are making sandwiches for ourselves! 



Autumn 1


Hansel and Gretel - Innovated Retell

Our fiction text for this half term was 'Hansel and Gretel' by Anthony Browne. We retold the original story first, then developed our own characters and settings to innovate the story.


Have a look at some of our work below...




Which Holiday? - Persuasive Writing

Our non-fiction text for this half term was 'Which Holiday?'. Using this text, we developed our persuasive techniques to convince someone to choose our own holiday.


Which holiday would you choose?




Church Visit - Recount

Following on from our visit to the church, we wrote a recount about the events of the morning. Our writing focus was sentence openers that tell the reader 'where' or 'when' things happened.


Read about our trip here...