Spring Term


Take a look below at some of the things we have, and will be learning during Spring Term. 


Numbers to 50

We are learning to count forwards and backwards to 50.


Try giving us a number and asking us to count on or back. 




We have started to learn the place value of the digits within numbers. This means answering questions like:

How many tens does it have?

How many ones does it have?



24 has 2 tens and 4 ones


We then use this knowledge to compare numbers. 




42 is more than 24        42 > 24

12 is less than 36          12 < 36

28 is equal to 28           28 = 28


We used the number grid to say 1 more and 1 less than a number.


Here is a game that we enjoy playing:




We have started to look at standard and non-standard units of measurement. 


We used blocks to measure how long something is and then began to use a ruler, remembering to start at 0!


Ask me which is longer/shorter between objects.