Spring 2


Our topic for this half term is ‘Salvation’, looking at why Good Friday is good for Christians. This has meant we’ve had a big focus on Holy Week and all of the events surrounding Easter. 


Spring 1


Our new topic is based on the gospel, which means ‘good news’. We have been discussing why Jesus was seen as good news when he was on earth, and for Christians today. In the gospel, we read about Jesus calling the disciples and had a think about how we might have felt if we had to leave everything to follow God’s son. 

Autumn 2


This half term, we have been learning about different special or sacred places. 

To begin with, we thought about places that are special to us…



Then, we began to look at different places of worship for different people.




Autumn 1


What is the Trinity?

This half term, we have carried out an in-depth study of Christian beliefs about the Holy Trinity. We then created links between the Trinity and different baptism practices within Christianity.


Here is some of our work...



Local Church Visit


As part of our studies into baptism, we visited a local church that perform believers' baptisms, where people make the choice to become a Christian and start a new life for God.


We were shown around by Steve and he answered all of our questions about the Trinity and baptism.