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Welcome to Yellow Class!


I have put together some activities that you might want to have a go at this week. Feel free to pick and choose the activities that suit you or even use these ideas to create your own home learning. Stay safe and see you soon :)


I hope you are all well.

While school is closed, I will be sending weekly e-mails with lots of activity ideas and a Marvellous Me challenge each day. Below, are some links that you might want to take a look at during our time away from each other.

I have loved reading your e-mails and seeing pictures of you working away at home, thank you.

You sure are all working super hard! Stay safe and keep up the fantastic work.

See you soon,

Mrs Rogers



Here are some links for you to use to support home learning. I will keep updating these regularly.



RWI Speed Sound Lessons

Ruth Miskin is offering daily speed sound lessons on her YouTube channel. They are streamed live and then available for 24 hours.

Set 1 sounds: 9:30am

Set 2 sounds: 10am

Set 3 sounds 10:30am.


Phonics Play

Phonics Play have given everyone free access during school closures.

Log in using:

Username: march20

Password: home

Click on Phase 3 to Phase 5 activities. These games support the learning we have done in school.

Picnic on Pluto is one of our favourites. I wonder if you can see why. Children sound out the word, remembering to spot any special friend sounds first, then they decide if it is a real word or a nonsense word!


Alphablocks – Lots of games and quizzes linked to phonics


Oxford Owl
Head over to Oxford Owl and access to FREE eBooks online! Using the log in details below, your child can access all of the reading books that they would normally read from our school library!

Username: christ church yellow
Password: Mrs1Rogers


David Walliams – Elevenses

The author we all love – David Walliams – is releasing an audio story every day as part of ‘Elevenses’. Head over to his website to listen! You can also access a range of other audio books read by David Walliams on the app SoundCloud.



White Rose Maths

White Rose Maths Team has prepared a series of five maths lessons for each year group. They will be adding five more each week for the next few weeks. Every lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity successfully.

Access the website here -

There is also an area on the website specifically for each year group.

Year 1:

Year 2:


The Maths Factor

Let Carol Vorderman teach your child Maths! This website usually asks £2 week subscription, but for the foreseeable future, it is free! Head over to the website to sign up.

Access the website here -

There are games and interactive activities, as well as a ‘traditional lesson’.



Lots of interactive number and sound games. The children have used this in school, so should know how to play most of the games.


Numberblocks – As above but with numbers! We use these lots when teaching the children about number.


Get Moving!

Joe Wicks – Live Stream PE sessions

Joe Wicks 'The body coach' will be doing daily PE lessons live on YouTube for all the family live at 9.00am - might be a good way to burn off some energy!


Cosmic Kids

A fantastic YouTube channel with lots of yoga videos for children. We sometimes put these on in class. They often follow a story and are really simple to do!


Get Thinking

We love our P4C lessons in school. Here is a website to get you talking and discussing some BIG questions. There is also a link on this page to What's the big idea? which the children love and a weekly activity pack will be added for children aged 3+ that can be downloaded.


All Subjects

Purple Mash

All children have existing accounts on 'Purple Mash'. PM has lots of different online games and activities for them to explore at their leisure. All individual log in details are in the packs. If you do not have your child's log in please email me, and I can sort it out for you.



This is an online resource bank that has 1000's of resources right from Nursery to GCSE, so is suitable for all children! It has lots of games, stories, sheets to print out, as well as lots of mindfulness resources. They have sent me a code to pass on to parents for 1 months free 'ultimate' subscription (ultimate subscription is usually around £80!) - It may be that they extend this as the situation develops. All you need to do is go to sign up using an email address and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS this should then give you free access. 


Classroom Secrets KIDS

Your child has had an account created for this website. They have unlimited access to online activities and games for free. Your child's teacher has already send you your child's login details - if you do not have these, please email the class teacher for more information.


Access the website here -


Edinburgh Zoo Live Webcams

Pandas, penguins, tigers and koalas! What’s not to love! Check out these live streams of some amazing animals!



Worship Songs

Here are the links to some of our favourite songs that we sing in worship. Can you remember all the actions and teach your family?

All Through History




God You're Good to Me


My Lighthouse


Shine My Light