Y3/4 Couchman

We Miss You!

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Thank you so much for the lovely videos that were made for us! We miss you all so much, so it was amazing to see all of your smiling faces. This is for you...

A huge thank you to Mrs Dunning for putting the video together!

Reading & Writing


Oxford Owl

I have created a class login for Oxford Owl. This will allow your children to continue with their series of school reading books and to complete quizzes too.


This is the link to the website:


In the top right-hand corner, you will see 'My Class Login'. Click on this, and the username and password are as follows:

U: 34couchman

P: abc1


If you can't find your reading books on there, or fancy something a bit different, feel free to read some of the other amazing books available on the website.



Accelerated Reader


This is the link for you to complete your reading book quizzes online, just as you would in school! Quizzes are allowed to be completed between 8:45am and 3:15pm. Children know they must only complete a quiz if they have finished the book and have read to an adult. It doesn’t just have to be their school reading book, it could be any book they are reading at home (providing there’s a quiz on it). 

They should know their login, but if they’re not sure just email me!


Link - 


Book Trust

This website contains lots of different stories, quizzes, games and activities! Plenty to keep you busy if you run out of stories at home!


Link -!?q=&sortOption=MostRecent&pageNo=1


Story Maps

Here is an example of a story map that was created with my Y3 writing group for the story of Rumpelstiltskin


Challenge: Can you create a story map for a book that you have read at home? Add actions and practise telling the story to your family.


Poetry Foundation

Here, there are hundreds of children's poems that you can read and enjoy as a family.

Challenge - Can you write your own poem about a person or activity in your home?


Link -



TT Rockstars

Many of us have been using TT Rockstars in our Maths lessons, or have been loving attending lunchtime and afterschool clubs to play along too. Now's everyone's chance to have a go! This website/app offers a great opportunity to practise and learn your times tables. Download the app or visit the website, create your character and Rock On!


Link to login page:


White Rose

Year 3 -

This is what Year 3 would have been looking at before Easter. Have a look if you get the chance!


Year 4 -

This is what Year 4 would have been looking at before Easter. Have a look if you get the chance!


The Maths Factor

This is a website created by Carol Vorderman and it is full of maths games and activities to keep you busy! 


Sign up for free:


Hit the Button

My maths group looooooove playing Hit the Button to practise their times tables and their doubling/halving. Have a go! Can you beat your best score?





PE with The Body Coach

Every morning at 9am, Joe Wicks is providing a 30 minute workout for the whole family. Don't worry if you don't make it there for 9am, you can watch it at a later time. This would make a fantastic start to your day, whenever you're ready, to help you get up and go! (I have heard that it was all a bit much for Mrs Standen and Mrs Llewellyn though! wink)


Follow this link for your daily exercise:


Cosmic Kids Yoga

As part of practising mindfulness, and taking care of our mental and physical well-being, we have been doing some of these Comic Kids Yoga videos in class. We have found them really enjoyable, and hilarious at times, so have a go at home!


Follow the link to Cosmic Kids Yoga:



Edinburgh Zoo

Check out these LIVE webcam feeds from Edinburgh Zoo! What can you see? What do you wonder?

Challenge: Can you create a fact file about one of the animals that you can see?




Where on Earth are you?

Ever wanted to find out more about the planet that we live on? Here's your chance! NASA have released loads of activities and games to help you learn more about our planet.




BP Educational Service

BP have created lots of different science activities to try out at home and online to make new discoveries! 


Link -


Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum have heaps of information all about dinosaurs. There's even a quiz to find out what type of dinosaur you are most like!

Challenge - To begin a project learning all about dinosaurs. Present this to your family.


Link -


Science Museum Group

The science museums have put all of their discoveries in one place for you to explore through apps, games and activities.


Link -


Mini Tasks

Here are some short science tasks that you could have a go at inside your home or out in the garden. Let me know what you discover!



Purple Mash

Purple Mash offers lots of opportunities for computing, and recently we have been creating our own games with different themes. We use Purple Mash for our computing lessons and your child should have a login in their Home Learning Pack. If you do not have your login, please email me and I can access it for you.





Tate Kids

The ultimate collection of arty activities. Here, you will find craft and drawing ideas, artists to research, art galleries to view and much, much more! Remember to share the art that you create on Twitter or by emailing it to me!


Link -



BBC Bitesize

Don't let all of your hard work learning Spanish go to waste! Keep practising using BBC Bitesize so you don't forget all the Spanish you have learnt.




Crickweb Spanish Games

Here is a website that also has lots of Spanish games for you to play.



Worship Songs


If, like me, you are missing our daily worship together, here are some songs that you can teach to your family. Can you remember the actions?


All Through History




God You're Good to Me


My Lighthouse


Shine My Light

Other Activities


Colouring Pages


Crayola link -


Disney link -

Escape Rooms for Kids