W.B 11.01.2021

Oak Academy Links

Monday – Winter hot and cold

You will need:


Tuesday - Winter Holiday

You will need: 

* A few winter clothes e.g. hat, scarf

* A bag


Wednesday - Hot and Cold

You will need: 

*Paints, crayons, paper to create a Winter picutre.


Thursday - Music - This is me 

You just need to click on the link.


Friday - Music - This is my voice

You just need to click on the link.


I have put all of our learning for this week on one sheet to make it a lot easier.

As always we start with our Google meets, and I have a few things you might need to get ready for these!

I have also included some additional sheets that you can use if you would like.

These are all available in paper copies from the office.

As always if there is anything you need, just email.

Stay safe and take care,

Mrs Fletcher