World Book Day! 


If you have decided to dress up as your favourite character from your favourite book, please send in any photographs of your costumes! 


Our focus book for today is our favourite book as a class this year....



By Louis Sachar


Don't forget to check in with Miss Hollis at 09.30, 11.00 and 14.30.

Please find the activities for this book below. 





1. Making spiced peaches (see pdf)

2. Try digging holes. It is harder than it seems!!! While you’re at it start a garden or plant some flowers or trees. Please ask an adult's permission first.

3. Stanley’s family is cursed- all because of his “no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing great-great grandfather.” Find out about your ancestors and create your own family tree.

4. Create your own inventions inspired by Stanley’s father. You may wish to draw this and write about what your invention would do, or you could junk model it using boxes and other bits you can find around the house.

5. What is your Camp Green Lake nickname? What about your brother, teacher, dog and parents?

6. Act out your favorite scenes from the book. Write a letter to Stanley at camp. Send in any videos to 

7. Read your favourite chapter from the book (see pdf)

8. Complete the 'Holes crossword' (see pdf)

9. Draw a detailed map of Camp Green Lake. Don’t forget to include the warden’s house, the two trees, God’s Thumb, and Sam’s old boat.