Suggested Daily Timetable

How should I organise my day?


When you are working at home, it can be difficult to know how to organise your day. To help you, I have created a timetable. If you do not manage to fit everything in, then please do not worry. We know that it is a difficult time and so it doesn't matter if you don't follow it exactly. Some tasks may take you a little longer to do and that is okay. 


If you do have any problems though, please message me to ask for a bit of help.


9.00-9.30am: Spelling Shed, Spelling Tasks and Handwriting


9.30-9.45am: Check in with Mrs Waddison


9.45-10.45am: English


10.45-11.00am: Break


11.00-11.15am: Check in with Mrs Waddison


11.15-12.00: Maths


12.00-1.00pm: Lunch


1.00-2.30pm: Other curriculum lessons, TTRS and time to complete unfinished work


2.30-3.00pm: Check out and story with Mrs Waddison



1-1 and small group sessions will also be planned for you too. Mrs Dunning, Mrs White, Mrs Selmes and I will contact you to let you know when those are going to be.