Science Tasks

Hi all,

In order to continue our work on lifecycles, I would like you to go to the following website and complete Lifecycles quiz one. 


When on the website, click on the KS2 tab, then KS2 Science. The topics are listed alphabetically. If you want too, you can take Lifecycles quiz 2, which is all about plants.


I would then like you to write your own animals Lifecycles quiz to use in our next Science lesson. Once we are back together, we will hold a quiz session where you can test each other on your lifecycle quiz questions. I will even get some small prizes for the winners of the quiz!


You are welcome to complete other quizzes for other topics if you would like too.




educationquizzes website help

Frog Life cycle activity - OPTIONAL. Here is an nice activity that you could have a go at. Simply turn your empty egg cartons into the frog life cycle. If you do complete this work....please send us a photo or bring it in to school when you return.