School Values

Christ Church CE Primary School believes in the importance of Christian 'values'.


As a Church of England school, it is important to base our values on the wisdom and understanding of the Christian faith. The core values are embedded into everyday life at Christ Church and we celebrate those that are shared with other cultures and faiths.


At Christ Church CE, we believe that children learn values from their personal relationships, everyday interactions and experiences, and from the examples set by parents, other adults and teachers. We feel that it is important that children are praised for displaying Christian values and this is done through weekly certificate presentations during our 'Friday Celebration Worship'. We also use 'Always Club' to acknowledge and celebrate those who 'always' show endurance, friendship, love and thankfulness on a daily basis.


Members of staff, children, parents/carers and governors have chosen six core values to focus upon at our school.

Love,  Peace,  Friendship,  Thankfulness, Endurance, Forgiveness.


We endeavour to encourage individuals to reach their God-given potential and we aim to value all children as unique 'Children of God'. Our values are a very important part of our daily life at Christ Church CE.