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Thank you Orange class. Best wishes for the summer and new school year

Look what Freya has been working on. That's super fast, confident riding.

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A huge thank you to the parent for sending in this poem and allowing it to go on the class page. 

I think it conveys our feelings very clearly and shows support for our Christchurch family and the community. 

Thank you

My thought about this lock down.



When I first heard of Corona

I thought to myself, yeah whatever

Then I got ill 

Suspected to be the same virus as those very few… 

Maybe it was a corona.


Week 1 was OK; I thought Meh… 

But after week two… it got more dreadful

111 and GP said, it was likely....

A corona


Thanks God it wasn't too bad 

A few symptoms, my husband also had 

Our children in the other hands, weren't too bad. 

We fought and we were through, I was more than grateful. 


Many peeps lost friends 

And many memory ends

We were one of who also lost

Those we were used to know and love the most


When warriors of this battle wearing masks

When the protector of all nation was once, one of those second class

I hope and pray, after all, this will soon pass

Justice for these heroes will soon be done at last…


One thing out of these mystery, I have learnt that….. 


In the midst of the unprecedented situation 

The British's value is second to none

When my community came as one 

To ensure there is hope for everyone. 


We will meet again, I am sure 

It is the sacrifice that we have to endure 

It will soon be written as one of our biggest pandemic pasts 

The one that hopefully won’t forever last. 




I was one of these parents that counted as an essential worker. We have helped with Nightingale hospitals projects. For me, the Home-schooling combined with work haven't been very easy for us, but we do try our best to make sure that our childrens’ mental health and education will suffer the least at the end of all these. 


This is the first poem I have ever attempted. Just before the locked down, I got very ill but thankfully I didn't have to be admitted. Thought a few of our friends were seriously ill and a couple lost their fight. 


I understand some parents and individuals were frustrated with it all but I do sincerely hope they thought of this as an opportunity to chill and spend time with their children. I, for one… would trade anything to be in their shoes, BUT, need must.


I am still one of those who dream of ‘What if I get furlough....


Oscar wanted to share his song with you

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A lovely song, Oscar. You show some great ideas and important points about Lock down.

Mini ABBA. Click the link below to watch the video

Writing with colourful semantics. What do the colours mean? How to write a sentence.

How to do maths: some written examples so your child can see how to do the calculations.

Olivia's stop-motion video

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I love Olivia's use of penguins... so cute!

I asked parents to draw or write their feelings. Thank you for your permission to put on the website.

A poem from a parent: it captures her thoughts about the beginning of school closure. 

On the day the schools shut



On the days the schools shut the teachers and children said their good bye


On the day the schools shut there was teachers and children cry


On the day the schools shut home school became the norm


On the day the schools shut parent teachers was born


On the day the schools shut children’s anxieties was raised


On the day the schools shut the children entered a new phase


On the day the schools shut we could no longer be together 


On the day the schools shut we wondered would this last forever.

A parent has given me permission to show their feelings about Lock down teaching from home and being a Key worker. Thank you from all of us.

Elizabeth's sea creature

Christchurch got talent ends 11/5/20 Send your videos by email

Layton would like to share how he celebrated his birthday. He learned to ride his bike

How not to go to school

Freya's stop-motion underwater creature film

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Look what Freya made.... her stop-motion underwater creature film.
Huge congratulations and high-fives for this.
Well done, Freya

Christchurch Miss You.mp4

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Art ideas

Observe and recreate your own art. Simple ideas.

Virtual tours

University of Wolverhampton challenges

Reading Friday 3rd April 2020

Whizz-Bang Winnie Part 6

Laura Owen and Korky Paul.

  1. How hungry was Mrs Parmar? (p45)
  2. When did Winnie suggest they play party games? (p45)
  3. How long can Mrs Parmar stay? (p45)
  4. What was Mrs Parmar about to eat when a brown creature appeared? (p46)
  5. Find a word which means ‘looked’ on p47
  6. What did Mrs Parmar enjoy on p49?
  7. What would be the best birthday present of all? (p50)
  8. Put the events in the order they appear in the story.

Wilbur plays with Clara

Mrs Parmar enjoys chocolate eggs

Wilbur kept the eggs warm

Winnie buys ice-cream

Exercise easily with just your name

Some interesting and easy, free science activities

Friday 3rd April

Home challenge

Make your own song and instructions for washing hands.

Please send me photos or videos of your success.

Best wishes,

Mr Baker

Mr Baker's Spelling Shed avatar

Spelling shed

I'm loving the earning coins to update the avatar! I can't afford to buy a beard or the stylish glasses.

How fast can you earn coins? Can you afford the stripy background or stylish glasses?

Improve your spellings and your style. 

Let me know how you get on. 

Mr Baker

Do you need help with which spellings to practice?

We now have access to interactive spelling games which are age appropriate. 

Why not check it out? Look for your password details here. 

Let me know how you enjoy the games. 

Best wishes

Mr Baker

Reading Thursday 2nd April 2020

Whizz-Bang Winnie Part 5

Laura Owen and Korky Paul.

  1. Which types of eggs appeared? (p37) Tick two.

Easter eggs

Speckled eggs

Plain eggs

Mini eggs


2.What did Winnie do to protect the eggs? (p37)


3.Where did Winnie ask Wilbur to put this lot while she cooked? (p40)

4.What filling did Winnie use in the omelettes? (p42)

5.What was Mrs Parmar wearing when she arrived at Winnie’s door? (p44)

6.How many candles did Winnie put on the cake for Mrs Parmar? (p44)

Thursday 2nd April

Home challenge

Random Act of Kindness:

Why not do a random act of kindness? Perhaps offer to sweep the neighbour’s drive, wash the car or make origami flowers for them.

Please send me photos or videos of your success.

Best wishes,

Mr Baker

Reading Wednesday 1st April 2020

Whizz-Bang Winnie Part 4

Laura Owen and Korky Paul.

  1. Name two things Winnie and Wilbur were waiting to buy at the shop. (p29)
  2. What is the name of the school secretary? (p29)
  3. Copy the question from p29
  4. How did Mrs Parmar react when she recognised Winnie? (p31)
  5. Describe Mrs Parmar’s smile (p32)
  6. What time is Winnie’s party? (p33)
  7. How did Winnine suggest Mrs Parmar could get rich? (p35)

Wednesday 1st April

Home challenge

Paper chains.

How long can you make your chain?

Try with different chains such as animals or flowers. Perhaps you can decorate the kitchen with a chain of tea cups.

Please send me photos or videos of your success.

Best wishes,

Mr Baker

Wednesday 25th March

Tusla goes to the Ball. Tony Ross

Part 3

  1. What did the frog tell Tulsa she would have to pretend? (p44)
  2. What did Tulsa wear following frog to the ball? (p45)
  3. Where did Tulsa find the pink ribbon? (p46)
  4. Why did Tulsa say ‘Giddy up!’? (p47)
  5. Why did the royal coach have to stop? (p49)

Slipped on the stairs / tripped in the garden / waited for the gate to open.

  1. The frog did his best to be what? (p50)
  2. Where did the pony stop to catch his breath? (p51)
  3. Why was frog wheezing? (p52)
  4. Find a word which means stop on page 53.
  5. Where did Tulsa find the ball? (p56)
  6. Find two verbs that tell us Tulsa was happy to find the ball. (p58)
  7. What did the frog ask for? (p60)


Reading Tuesday 31st March 2020

Whizz-Bang Winnie Part 3

Laura Owen and Korky Paul.

  1. What flavour ice-cream did Winnie think they could make? (p24)
  2. What flavour ice-cream did Clara’s mum make? (p24)
  3. Put these events in the order they happened.


Winnie landed on Clara’s dad’s lap.

Clara’s mum made strawberry ice-cream.

Winnie bought an ice-cream machine

They got to the shops and parked the broom.


  1. How fast did Winnie and Wilbur fly away from Clara’s house? (p25)
  2. Where did Winnie and Wilbur sit to watch the sun go down? (p26)
  3. What’s brown and sticky? (p27)

Tuesday 31st March

Home challenge

Track challenge

Use dominoes or playing cards to build a track. How long can you make the track before they all fall down?

Please send me photos or videos of your success.

Best wishes,

Mr Baker

Whizz-Bang Winnie part 3

Reading Monday 30th March 2020

Whizz-Bang Winnie

Laura Owen and Korky Paul.

  1. Who noticed Wilbur climbing into the basket? (p14)
  2. Copy a question from p14.
  3. Where did Clara take Wilbur? (p14)
  4. Where was the cat food? (p15)
  5. Which word means breeze? (p16)
  6. Who told Winnie that Wilbur had been taken? (p21)
  7. What do you think Winnie bought for Wilbur? (p23)

Reading Whizz-bang Winnie

Whizz-Bang Winnie


Please try the above link for Whizz-Bang Winnie part 2

Thank you

Mr Baker

Are you bored of box-sets? Bored of maths apps? Need 5 minutes with nature? Head to Chester zoo virtual tours. I really enjoyed watching the red pandas, elephants (must be the cutest baby), butterflies and giraffes. The zoo keepers filmed fascinating animals and gave facts about each. What is your most interesting fact? I loved hearing about the size of giraffe poo. I won't give you the answer, go watch and listen for yourself. Let me know what you learn. 

Best wishes

Mr Baker

Monday 30th March

Home challenge

Hook a duck.

Save plastic bottles. Turn them into a hook a duck game by writing a point system on the bottom. Use a coat hanger to catch the ducks. Catch 5 ducks. Add up the points. What’s your best score? Did you beat your family?

Please send me photos or videos of your success.

Best wishes,

Mr Baker

Friday 27th March

Home challenge

Card board box

What interesting ideas have you got?

Caine made arcade games with tickets. Perhaps you can make a car / castle / palace/ doll’s house / arcade games.

Please send me photos or videos of your success.

Best wishes,

Mr Baker

Thursday 26th March

Home challenge

Coin rubbings

What interesting ideas have you got?

Wax crayons or pencil crayons are good. Felts and glitter pens will not work so well.

Please send me photos or videos of your success.

Best wishes,

Mr Baker

Tuesday 24th March

Part 2: Tulsa goes to the Ball. Tony Ross

  1. How did Tulsa feel about kissing the frog? (p22)
  2. What does frog ask Tulsa? (p23)
  3. What does Tulsa insist frog calls her? (p25)

Cinderella / Tuls / Cinders / Cindy

  1. Where did frog live before he met Tulsa? (p28)
  2. What did Cinderella’s sisters do? (p29)
  3. Why couldn’t Cinderella go to the ball? (p32)
  4. What does muttered mean? (p37)
  5. Name 3 things the frog can do. (p43)

Monday 23rd March

Tusla goes to the Ball. Tony Ross

  1. Who wrote the book?
  2. Which other books has the author written or illustrated?
  3. What did Mum call Tulsa? (p9)
  4. Describe Tulsa’s bedroom. (p10)
  5. Name some things Mum had asked Tulsa to do this morning. (p13)
  6. Why did Tulsa stamp up stairs? (p15)
  7. How did the room look to Tulsa? (p16)
  8. What did Tulsa do after banging about for a few minutes? (p19)
  9. Which book did Tulsa choose to read? (p19)
  10. Describe the voice in the pants drawer: croaky / quiet / squeaky / loud
  11. How would the frog turn in to a handsome prince? (p21)


Reading Tulsa goes to the ball.

Still image for this video
Mr Baker reads Tony Ross Tulsa goes to the ball.

Wednesday 25th March

Home challenge

Learn to catch a ball.

Hello Orange class.

Today, I challenge you to catch a ball 20 times in a row without dropping.

Remember to ‘keep your eyes on the ball’ and use two hands in the shape of a cup.

Let me know how you do.



Tuesday 24th March


Good morning Orange class.

Today, I would really like you to try to learn a new language. Makaton is a world-wide sign language that uses hand signals and simple pictures.

Can you learn the alphabet?

Can you say hello and ask for cake?

Have a go and send me pictures and videos of you doing so.

Thank you

Best wishes

Mr Baker

Good morning Parents and Orange class.

We are very fortunate to have beautiful weather for the moment and a world of internet.

While the weather is good, try to get in to the garden and do natural awe and wonder work; look at wild life, mini-beasts, plants, patterns in the garden, shadows, sounds. Consider how the garden world has changed this month, this week and how it may change further as the season develops.


If you are exhausted from being in the garden, there are lots of internet resources to mix things up for you:

Free daily resources for children:

PE with Joe Wicks on Youtube

Week days at 9am but you can visit anytime to view the workout.


Dance with Oti Mabuse on Facebook

Every day at 11:30am but can be viewed anytime.


Story time with David Walliams

Free story every day on his website:


Maths with Carol Vorderman


Music with Myleene Klass on Youtube

Twice a week. Friday 27th March 10am.


Pie Corbett - Talk for Writing

To access this, first you will need to go to or download SoundCloud from your usual app store and create an account.


Once logged in you can listen to the radio blog for that day. I searched “Pie Corbett” but you can also click on the link from the “Talk for Writing” fb page, which will take you to that particular blog. It takes a while to get started – introductions, instructions etc.



NASA kids.

They also have a live feed to the space station. 



Edinburgh zoo also have live webcam feeds.


Other things to do: sort the wardrobe, find old clothing that can be up-cycled or donated.

Explore the loft. Have your parents got things left form their childhood? School exercise books / toys / games / photos. Discuss how the world of education and play has changed.  I’m sure many of you have old computer games / car tracks / school books hidden up there.

Please do email me if you need anything, find anything interesting to share, or simply want to chat to somebody new.

Very best wishes

Mr Baker

Look at the fantastic monster bookmarks we made for World Book Day!

Monday 23rd March

Home challenge

Learn to tie your shoe laces.

Hello Orange class.

While you are not in school this week, take the opportunity to practise an important life skill. This video shows a fun, easy way to tie shoe laces.

Please send me photos or videos of your success.

Best wishes,

Mr Baker

Spanish Day


Orange class have had a fantastic day today doing all sorts of Spanish activities! 


Look at our fantastic Spanish outfits!

Internet Safety Day


Today Orange Class have learnt all about the internet and how to stay safe online. We learnt the SMART rules. These rules are an easy and simple way to use the internet safely and happily!

The pictures below show the posters the children made all about the SMART rules. 

SMART Posters

Welcome to Orange Class!


Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.

Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let your Teacher know!