Snow Day

Due to the weather and amount of snow that has fallen, your daily activities will be to complete snow related tasks and send your attempts to Mr Hall!


Who can build the biggest snowman?

Build the largest snowman that you can with your family.  We will share our images as a class!


Can you draw a picture?

If you have any food colouring at home, create an image in the snow.  It can be anything you like!

To do this, mix food colouring with water and use a spray bottle to spread it on the snow.


What else could you do?

Make a snow angel

Have a snow ball battle with your family

Take a walk in the snow and send your images to Mr Hall

Go sledging



Spelling and handwriting

Our focus spellings are listed below. Today's challenge is to write a spelling triangle for each word below..  Our handwriting challenge is to write out two lines of two of our focus spellings.



merriment, happiness, plentiful, penniless, happily, prettiest, nastiness, beautiful, pitiful, silliness


delicious, atrocious, conscious, ferocious, gracious, luscious, malicious, precious, spacious, suspicious


accompany, average, conscience, develop, explanation, immediately, necessary, privilege, rhythm, symbol

TT Rockstars

Below is a link to the TT Rockstars website.  Please complete your daily challenge.