A message from Mr Hall




Hello Year 6,


Unfortunately, we will be having to complete our learning at home for a little while again. To help you, we have included an overview of your weekly home learning tasks. There are a variety of English, Maths and other curriculum subjects for you to complete work on. If you click on the website address, then it should take you straight to the teacher delivering the lesson. 


We will also be setting online 1-1 or small group tuition session for you to take part in, so please watch out for your scheduled times on Google Meet. They are going to be at 1pm-1:15pm with Mr Woodhouse.


Finally, it would be very helpful if you could photograph any completed work or keep it somewhere safe, so that we can discuss it further with you when we do our daily ‘Check-ins’ together. Please, bring all of your work back to class when we return to school.


We can’t wait to have you back in school again with us soon!


Take care,


Mr Hall