1st March 2021

Hello all! 


This week is going to look a little different. You will notice that on Monday, there are no remote lessons scheduled. This is because we're having a no-screen well-being day! Thursday is World Book Day, and Friday there are also no remote lessons scheduled.


Tuesday and Wednesday are going ahead as normal with morning and afternoon lessons. 




Monday - Wellbeing Day 


Today is a wellbeing - Non screen day for both the children at home and the children in school. I would like to encourage the children to complete some of these activities throughout the day and send over some photographs. Please stay away from the screen and give your eyes a rest. Have a great day!


Click here for some ideas for fun crafts at home!

Click on the links below to have a go at these Harry Potter themed drawings!


Harry and Hedwig


Hermione Granger

Sorting Hat



This week, you are continuing with the unit based around the story 'The Borrowers'. The same topic is being followed by those that are in school, so please try to complete all that you can.


Let me know if you need any help. Please email photos of your work when it is complete.

Tuesday: To practise speech with punctuation
Wednesday: To generate vocabulary for the build up






This week, you are carrying on looking at Multiplication and Division. Please send me any photos/documents etc. of completed work, and do not hesitate to ask for help if needed. 


Tuesday: Add money                      Click here for worksheet

Wednesday: Subtract money          Click here for worksheet



Afternoon lessons


Tuesday:  Computing - enjoy some of the games on Purple Mash!

Art - Draw with Rob - Rock Monster    Mermaid


Wednesday: PSHE - I roll with my role