1st March 2021

Reading Planet


Your child has access to a fantastic online resource called Reading Planet. This allows your child to read books online and complete quizzes, assigned by your child's teacher according to ability. 


A new book will be assigned at the beginning of each week.


For instructions on how to access this, please click here.


To access the website, please click here.


If you require your child's login details, please drop Mr. Harris an email.



Spelling Shed


Your child has a log in to access Spelling Shed, here they can practise weekly spellings, complete different activities & games to compete for the school leader board! I will be keep an eye on the scores and engagement & rewarding children with honeypots!


Please click here to access the website.





This week, you are continuing with the unit based around the story 'The Borrowers'. The same topic is being followed by those that are in school, so please try to complete all that you can.


Let me know if you need any help. Please email photos of your work when it is complete.

Monday: To practise speech with punctuation

Tuesday: To generate vocabulary for the build up

Wednesday: To plan the build up

Thursday: To write the build up

Friday: To analyse the problem and resolution






This week, you are carrying on looking at Multiplication and Division. Please send me any photos/documents etc. of completed work, and do not hesitate to ask for help if needed. 


Monday: Divide 2d by 1d (3)                        Click here for worksheet

Tuesday: Divide 2d by 1d (4)                       Click here for worksheet

Wednesday: Divide 3d by 1d                       Click here for worksheet

Thursday: Correspondence problems         Click here for worksheet

Friday: What is area?                                   Click here for worksheet



Afternoon lessons

Monday: PSHE - I roll within my role    Music - Exploring home percussion

Tuesday:  RE - Mary during Holy Week


This afternoon, your RE lesson will be taught live on Google Meet with Mr Harris! Check your Google Calendar for the live lesson beginning at 1.15pm. The activity sheet to complete for this is at the bottom of this page.


Wednesday: Science - how is metamorphic rock formed?

Thursday: Geography - How was the use of natural resources changed?


PE - today, you will be joining Miss Chapman on Google Meet for a virtual PE lesson! Please head over to to join the lesson shortly before 2pm.


Friday: Computing - Activity on Purple Mash (set as 2do)