Term and Diary Dates

School Year 2017/18 


Autumn Term 2017

 Term starts: Monday 4th September 2017

 Half Term: Monday 23rd October 2017 to Friday 27th October 2017

 Term Ends: Friday 22nd December 2017 

 Christmas Holiday: Monday 25th December 2017 to Friday 5th January 2018

 Total Number of Days: 75


Spring Term 2018

 Term Starts: Monday 8th January 2018

 Half Term: Monday 19th February 2018 to Friday 23rd February 2018

 Term Ends: Thursday 29th March 2018

Easter Holiday: Friday 30th March 2018 to Friday 13th April 2018

 Total number of days: 54


Summer Term 2018

 Term Starts: Monday 16th April 2018

 Half Term: Monday 28th May to Friday 1st June 2018

 Term Ends: Tuesday 24th July 2018

 Summer Holiday Begins: Wednesday 25th July 2018

 Total Number of days: 66


 Total Number of days for the year: 195


Bank holidays 2017/18

August Bank Holiday: Monday 28th August 2017 

 Boxing Day : Tuesday 26th December 2017

New Year's Day:Monday 1st January 2018

 Good Friday: Friday 30th March 2018

 Easter Monday: Monday 2nd  April 2018

 May Day: Monday 7 May 2018

Spring Bank Holiday: Monday 28th May 2018

August Bank Holiday: Monday 27th August 2018


School Year 2018/19


Autumn Term 2018

Term starts: Monday 3 September 2018

Half Term: Monday 29 October 2018 to Friday 2 November 2018

Term ends: Friday 21 December 2018

Christmas holiday: Monday 24 December 2018 to Friday 4 January 2019

Total number of days: 75 days


Spring Term 2019

Term starts: Monday 7 January 2019

Half Term: Monday 18 February 2019 to Friday 22 February 2019

Term ends: Friday 12 April 2019


Easter holiday: Monday 15 April 2019 to Friday 26 April 2019

Total number of days: 65 days


Summer Term 2018

Term starts: Monday 29 April 2019

Half Term: Monday 27 May 2019 to Friday 31 May 2019

Term ends: Monday 22 July 2019

Summer holiday begins: Tuesday 23 July 2019

Total number of days: 55 days


Total number of days for the year: 195 days


Bank holidays 2018/19:

August bank holiday: Monday 27 August 2018

Boxing Day: Wednesday 26 December 2018

New Year’s Day: Tuesday 1 January 2019

Good Friday: Friday 19 April 2019

Easter Monday: Monday 22 April 2019

May Day: Monday 6 May 2019

Spring Bank Holiday: Monday 27 May 2019

August Bank Holiday: Monday 26 August 2019


Diary Dates


Thursday 24th May:                              Year 4 Open Door, Lichfield Cathedral

Friday 25th May:                                  Curriculum Day: P.E.

                                                          Break Up for Half Term

Monday 4th June:                                 School Re-opens

Tuesday 5th June:                                Reception to Holly Bush

Wednesday 6th June:                            ‘My mate fancies you’ Year 6.

                                                           Reception to Holly Bush

Thursday 7th June:                               Class Photos

Friday 8th June:                                    Y6 Open Door Lichfield Cathedral

                                                           Year 4 Worship                                                               

Monday 11th June:                                 Phonics Screening Week (Year 1)

                                                             Nursery Sports Morning

Tuesday 12th June:                                 Key Stage 1 + Reception Sports Day

Wednesday 13th June                             Key Stage 2 Sports Day

Thursday 14th June:                               Reception to Holly Bush

Friday 15th June:                                    Orange Class Worship

                                                             Reception to Holly Bush

Monday 18th June:                                 Nursery Sports Morning (reserve)

Tuesday 19th June:                                Key Stage 1 + Reception Sports Day                                                                 (reserve)

Wednesday 20th June:                            Key Stage 2 Sports Day (reserve)

Friday 29th June:                                    Year 6 Worship

Friday 6th July:                                       Year 3a Worship

                                                              Messy Church

Friday 13th July:                                      Reception Worship

Monday 16th July:                                     Reward Worship

Main Contacts

Headteacher: Mr S Davies
Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs N Molineux
Chair of Governors: Mrs D Holland
Office Manager: Mrs F Baker


Harden Rd