Term and Diary Dates

School Year 2016/17


Autumn Term 2016

Term starts: Monday 5th September 2016

Half Term: Monday 24th October 2016 to Friday 28th October 2016

Term Ends: Friday 16th December 2016 

Christmas Holiday: Monday 19th December 2016 to Monday 2nd January 2017

Total Number of Days: 70


Spring Term 2017

Term Starts: Tuesday 3rd January 2017

Half Term: Monday 20th February 2017 to Friday 24th February 2017

Term Ends: Friday 7 April 2017

Easter Holiday: Monday 10th April 2017 to Friday 21st April 2017

Total number of days: 64


Summer Term 2017

Term Starts: Monday 24th April 2017

Half Term: Monday 29th May to Friday 2nd June 2017

Term Ends: Tuesday 25th July 2017

Summer Holiday Begins: Wednesday 26th July 2017

Total Number of days: 61

Total Number of days for the year: 195



Bank holidays

August Bank Holiday: Monday 29th August 2016 

Boxing Day 2016: Monday 26th December 2016

Bank Holiday: Tuesday 27th December 2016

Bank Holiday: Monday 2nd January 2017

Good Friday 2017: Friday 14th April 2017

Easter Monday 2017: Monday 17th April 2017

May Day 2017: Monday 1 May 2017

Spring Bank Holiday 2017: Monday 29th May 2017

August Bank Holiday: Monday 28th August 2017


Inset Days




School Year 2017/18 

Autumn Term 2017

 Term starts: Monday 4th September 2017

 Half Term: Monday 23rd October 2017 to Friday 27th October 2017

 Term Ends: Friday 22nd December 2017 

 Christmas Holiday: Monday 25th December 2017 to Friday 5th January 2018

 Total Number of Days: 75


Spring Term 2018

 Term Starts: Monday 8th January 2018

 Half Term: Monday 19th February 2018 to Friday 23rd February 2018

 Term Ends: Thursday 29th March 2018

Easter Holiday: Friday 30th March 2018 to Friday 13th April 2018

 Total number of days: 54


Summer Term 2018

 Term Starts: Monday 16th April 2018

 Half Term: Monday 28th May to Friday 1st June 2018

 Term Ends: Tuesday 24th July 2018

 Summer Holiday Begins: Wednesday 25th July 2018

 Total Number of days: 66

 Total Number of days for the year: 195


Bank holidays 2017/18


August Bank Holiday: Monday 28th August 2017 

 Boxing Day : Tuesday 26th December 2017

New Year's Day:Monday 1st January 2018

 Good Friday: Friday 30th March 2018

 Easter Monday: Monday 2nd  April 2018

 May Day: Monday 7 May 2018

Spring Bank Holiday: Monday 28th May 2018

August Bank Holiday: Monday 27th August 2018



Wed 13th January



Diary Dates 

Tues 18th July

Yr 6 Performance @ Forest Arts Centre (1.30pm)

Fri 21 July

Reward Trip

Mon 24th July

Y6 Graduation, Lunch and Party

Graduation: 9.30am

Year 6 Leavers' Beach Party 6.00pm

Tues 25th July

Last Worship 9.00am

Break Up: 1.30pm



Mon 4th Sept

Inset Day

Tues 5th Sept

Wed 6th Sept

Thurs 7th Sept




Inset Day

Inset Day

School Reopens to pupils!


Main Contacts

Headteacher: Mr S Davies
Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs N Molineux
Chair of Governors: Mrs D Holland
Office Manager: Mrs F Baker


Harden Rd